Like many other  codes, AMA made several changes in the Pathology and Laboratory  in 2015. The CPT code set has changed to a large extent. There were 28 new codes added, 11 deleted codes and 50 revised codes.  

Similarly, in molecular diagnostics, the scope of the molecular pathology services codes have increased yet again for 2016, with the addition of eight new Tier 1 codes and seven new genomic sequencing procedures as well as ten multianalyte assay with algorithmic analyses (MAAAs), which are procedures that utilize multiple results derived from assays of various types, including molecular pathology, FISH and non-nucleic acid based assays.

CPT code 80081 is a n example of new code for Obstetric panel includes HIV testing. It  is identical to the 80055 code (Obstetric panel) except the  thing that in new code , HIV testing was also added. In order to bill this code all components of the panel must be performed. The added service for this new panel includes HIV-1 antigen(s), with HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies, single result which is coded as 87389.

Changes and Updates for 2016

Here you can find a list of some new, updated and deleted codes but its not comprehensive:

Revised Codes

80162  Digoxin; total
80164  Valproic acid (dipropylacetic acid); total
80171  Gabapentin, whole blood, serum, or plasma
80299  Quantitation of therapeutic drug, not elsewhere specified
81245  FLT3 (fms-related tyrosine kinase 3) (eg, acute myeloid leukemia), gene analysis; internal tandem duplication (ITD) variants (ie, exons 14, 15)
81402  Molecular pathology procedure, Level 3
81403  Molecular pathology procedure, Level
81404  Molecular pathology procedure, Level 5
81405  Molecular pathology procedure, Level 6
82541  Column chromatography/mass spectrometry , non-drug analyte not elsewhere specified; qualitative, single stationary and mobile phase
82542  quantitative, single stationary and mobile phase
82543  stable isotope dilution, single analyte, quantitative, single stationary and mobile phase
82544  stable isotope dilution, multiple analytes, quantitative, single stationary and mobile phase
84600  Volatiles (eg, acetic anhydride, diethylether)
86900  Blood typing, serologic; ABO
86901  Rh (D)
86902  antigen testing of donor blood using reagent serum, each antigen test
86904  antigen screening for compatible unit using patient serum, per unit screened
86905  RBC antigens, other than ABO or Rh (D), each
86906  Rh phenotyping, complete
87632  respiratory virus
88342  Immunohistochemistry or immunocytochemistry, specimen
88368  Morphometric analysis

New Codes

80162  Digoxin; free
80165  Valproic acid (dipropylacetic acid); free
80300  Drug screen, any number of drug classes from Drug Class List A
80301  single drug class method, by instrumented test systems
80320  Alcohols
80323  Alkaloids, not otherwise specified
80327  Anabolic steroids; 1 or 2
80329  Analgesics, non-opioid; 1 or 2
80332  Antidepressants, serotonergic class; 1 or 2
80338  Antidepressants, not otherwise specified
80339  Antiepileptics, not otherwise specified; 1-3
80345  Barbiturates
80346  Benzodiazepines; 1-12
80353  Cocaine
80354  Fentanyl
80355  Gabapentin, non-blood
80356  Heroin metabolite
80365  Oxycodone
80366  Pregabalin
80367  Propoxyphene
80368  Sedative hypnotics (non-benzodiazepines)
80369  Skeletal muscle relaxants; 1 or 2
81415  Exome (eg, unexplained constitutional or heritable disorder or syndrome); sequence analysis
81416  sequence analysis, each comparator exome (eg, parents, siblings
81430  Hearing loss
81435  Hereditary colon cancer syndromes
81440  Nuclear encoded mitochondrial genes
81460  Whole mitochondrial genome
81465  Whole mitochondrial genome large deletion analysis panel
81519  Oncology (breast), mRNA, gene expression profiling by real-time RT-PCR of 21 genes, utilizing formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue, algorithm reported as recurrence score
83006  Growth stimulation expressed gene 2(ST2, Interleukin 1 receptor like-1)
87623  Human Papillomavirus (HPV), low-risk types
87806  HIV-1 antigen(s), with HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies
89337  Cryopreservation, mature oocyte(s)

Deleted Codes

80100  Drug screen, qualitative; multiple drug classes chromatographic method, each procedure
80101  Drug screen, qualitative; single drug class method
80102  Drug confirmation, each procedure
80103  Tissue preparation for drug analysis
80104  Drug screen, qualitative; multiple drug classes other than chromatographic method, each procedure
80152  Amitriptyline
80154  Benzodiazepines
80160  Desipramine
80166  Doxepin
80172  Gold
80174  Imipramine
80182  Nortriptyline
80196  Salicylate
82000  Acetaldehyde, blood
82003  Acetaminophen
82055  Alcohol (ethanol); any specimen except breath
82101  Alkaloids, urine, quantitative
82145  Amphetamine or methamphetamine
82205  Barbiturates, not elsewhere specified
82520  Cocaine or metabolite
82646  Dihydrocodeinone
82649  Dihydromorphinone
82651  Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
82654  Dimethadione
82666  Epiandrosterone
82690  Ethchlorvynol
82742  Flurazepam
82953  Glucose; tolbutamide tolerance test
82975  Glutamine (glutamic acid amide)
82980  Glutethimide
83008  Guanosine monophosphate (GMP), cyclic
83055  Hemoglobin; sulfhemoglobin, qualitative
83071  Hemosiderin; quantitative
83634  Lactose, urine; quantitative
83805  Meprobamate
83840  Methadone
83858  Methsuximide
83866  Mucopolysaccharides, acid; screen
83887  Nicotine
84022  Phenothiazine
84127  Porphyrins, feces; qualitative
87001  Animal inoculation, small animal; with observation
87620  Infectious agent detection by nucleic acid (DNA or RNA); papillomavirus, human, direct probe technique
88349  Electron microscopy; scanning

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