Abdominal aortogram is generally used to study aorta region. This study is same like coding for CPT code for angiogram which includes injection of contrast and taking their images. It is said that study of Aortogram is very complex for medical coders. For coders who want to pursue a career in coding should really know how these procedures are performed.

In order to study aorta, contrast medium is injected to obtain images to examine the aorta. The images helps in finding any abnormality related to aorta. Abdominal aortogram lies above the bifurcation for lower extremity. The contrast injected in abdominal aortogram also flows into the arteries of lower extremities, helping us to study arteries of both legs. Now, to code the abdominal aortogram cpt code we have to check whether it is runoff study or not.  There are two codes for abdominal aortogram. Cpt code for abdominal aortogram with runoff is 75630, while Cpt Code for abdominal aortogram without runoff is 75625.

The technique of abdominal aortography is there for a long time. This procedure is simple, and very little special equipment is necessary. In terms of effecting related vessels, it is considered harmless. The aortogram was previously considered the gold standard test for the diagnosis of aortic dissection, with a sensitivity of up to 88% and a specificity of about 94%.

Abdominal Aortogram with runoff CPT Codes

This procedure is used to find areas in your blood vessels where they are narrowing or closing. An aortogram may also be used to evaluate an abdominal aneurysm. Patients who have pain in their legs when they walk often have a blocked or narrowed blood vessel. One reason for this pain could be Fatty deposits,  which usually build up in your blood vessels and reducing blood flow. In some cases, they block the vessel completely. Patients who have an abdominal aneurysm may need this evaluation prior to a surgery.

In order to examine it, doctor will thread a narrow, flexible plastic tube, called a catheter, through the arteries suspected of having the narrowing or blockage. The tube will be hooked to a pump that injects X-ray dye. Once the X-ray pictures show where the blockages are, your doctor will be able to tell the best way to open the blocked blood vessels. This should stop the pain and reduce the risk of blood clots.

There are some cautions which you should observe before this checkup like you must not to eat or drink anything in late night before the study except for your normal medications. You need to bring a list of all your medications with you to the hospital. You should tell your doctor if you think you may be pregnant. A nurse will place an IV in your hand or arm so that you can receive fluids and medications.  Your doctor will answer your questions and ask you to sign a consent form.

Procedure performed for abdominal aortogram with runoff

For medical coders, the concept of selective and non-selective catheterization codes is not new. While doing coding for Abdominal Aortogram, this concept can help coders to  understand the procedure. This procedure consists of following important steps:
  •  To get an access and moving the catheter towards the aorta, the catheter position is non-selective. Therefore, when the catheter reaches the aorta we take it as non-selective catheterization. The CPT code for abdominal aorta catherization is 36200.
  • Now, when the catheter reached to abdominal aorta at the point of study, the contrast medium injected into the abdominal aorta and take numbers of continuous films through the aorta.
  • At the same time the flow of contrast enter lower extremities and its runoff into the arteries of both legs. Therefore, here we get to study both abdominal aorta and arteries of both legs with the injection of contrast from a single point.
  • Due to this reason, this study is considered as runoff study. Therefore, the final CPT code of abdominal aortogram with runoff along the catheterization is 36200,75630.

Procedure performed for abdominal aortogram without runoff

Procedure without runoff is slightly different to Procedure with runoff. 
  • In this case, the catheter placed similarly as discussed above. However, when it reaches the aorta the contrast injected in different positions. When, the aorta reaches the abdominal aortogram, the contrast medium injected from one point of study.
  •  When the contrast medium injected, the catheter moves again to another position and comes to a point where aorta divided into left and right lower extremity.
  • Here, again a contrast medium injected to study the arteries of both legs. Now, here the catheter moves from one place to another to study abdominal aorta and bilateral lower extremity. this is all, that is performed in procedure without runoff.
  • On the contrary, in runoff study, the contrast medium injected at one point to study both abdominal aorta and bilateral lower extremity without moving the catheter.
  •  For this study along with catheterization, code will be 36200, 75625, and 75716.

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