Learn Medicare Part A Annual Deductibles Amounts, Copays and Benefit Period for 2013.

Medicare is a federally funded insurance scheme that covers people of the age of 65 and above depending on stipulated medical conditions. Medicare part A covers all eligible hospital and nursing facility costs.

People who have worked for more than ten years in the United States get at least some part of the Medicare for free, however the entire program is not free and comes with some costs associated with it. This costs form part of the deductibles. A deductible is the amount that a beneficiary must pay before the insurance steps in and starts to pay. You can also check out:

Medicare Part A Deductibles and Copays Amount for 2013

Medicare Part A Benefit Period

Deductibles are repeatable every benefit period and form part of the annual expense. Medicare Part A is a benefit period deductible that does not reset on the calendar year but only works on the basis of a benefit period. The benefit period begins from the time a patient is admitted in the hospital or a nursing facility and ends ones one receives a 60 day consecutive hospital care.

Medicare part A comes with benefit periods that begin from the first day you go into a hospital or a skilled nursing facility; if you stay in a hospital or a nursing facility for 60 consecutive days your benefit period ends. A new benefit period starts immediately you go into a hospital after the end of your previous benefit period.

Medicare Part A Deductibles Amount for 2013

Medicare did announce some changes in the deducible and coinsurance for Medicare Part A as from 2013. There will be an increase in the inpatient hospital deductible of $28 to $1,184. Medicare Part A not being an annual deductible means that a patient can be responsible for this payment for more than ones in a year.

The skilled nursing facility coinsurance will also experience an increase in 2013 of up to $148.00 per day for the days between 21 and 100. It is worth noting that the pay for 2012 was $144.50 per day for the first days between 0 and 20.

Medicare part A covers all the semi private, hospital room, meals and hospital services up to the 90th day during your benefit period. Ones you pay the deductibles, Medicare Part A will be able to cover all the charges for the first 60 days that you are in the hospital. You will only pay a coinsurance of $283 a day as from as from day 61 to day 90. It is worth noting that you pay all the charges as from day 90 unless you have not used all your 60 lifetime reserve days.

Medicare part A comes with 60 lifetime reserve days that always caters for all the hospital charges beyond the normal 90 day limit. You are eligible to use your reserve days whenever you are in the hospital for more than 90 days but ones you hit the 60th day of the reserve days you will be required to pay a coinsurance of $566 a day

If you happen to be admitted in a hospital facility for at least 3 days and then go into a nursing facility, Medicare will only be able to pay your nursing facility costs for the first 20 days. As from day 21 to 100 you will be required to pay a coinsurance of $141.50 day. One can qualify for Medicare Part A if he or she is struggling to pay the deductibles due to low income.

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  1. Why have the copays for prescriptions gone up so far? Why sock it to seniors?

  2. What if a patient only has Medicare Part A but has BCBS federal and are having inpatient surgery is Medicare primary or secondary?


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