Medical Biller Salary in New York City depends a lot on a wide range of factors from candidate’s professional portfolio to the type of organization, practice, facility, clinic, hospital or company where Medical Billing and Coding Jobs are available.

Medical Biller Salary in NYC: Factors that Count

  1. If you have been looking to work as Medical Biller in NYC, your salary or compensation package will also depend whether you are a Medical Billing Expert or Medical Coding Specialist or both, which is called as Medical Insurance Specialist.

  2. There are various positions within a Medical Billing Company and a Medical Biller Salary in NYC specifically depends upon his/her job responsibilities within the organization and the type of organization itself. Traditionally, in New York City too, Federal government is not among the highest paying employers in Healthcare and Medical fields.

  3. Another factor is that play a vital role in a Medical Biller Salary in NYC is relevant educational background and professional experience. With one year of experience a Medical Biller is generally anticipated to make around $12/hour, which can rise up to $16/hour with 2 years of medical billing and coding experience. While working New York one can make $14/hour to $18/hour respectively.

  4. Also Average Medical Biller Salary for a US National is higher than foreign national.

Medical Biller Salary in New York City, NY

Medical Billers Salaries in New York City, Houston, Chicago and California and other geological locations in United States with relatively high cost of living, are naturally a little higher then average to compensate. Various surveys data reflect that an Average Medical Biller Salary in NYC is 26% higher than average Medical Billing Specialist salaries for medical billing jobs all over the US.

Due to involvements of complex factors in salary matrix, it is not easy to anticipate exactly Medical Biller Pay Scale in New York City. According to statistics Medical Biller Salary in NYC ranges from $32,236 to $45,314 with a Median Salary of $39,196. While another careful studies of HR data have shown that a Medical Biller Wages in New York, NY is estimated to be around $37,000 to $56,000 annually as an average. Here under is a Medical Billing and Coding Job Positions wise breakdown with the Average Annual Salary from HR data:

Medical Billing and Coding Job PositionsAverage Annual Salary
Medical Collections Specialist in NYC$56,000
Patient Financial Services Specialist in NYC$46,000
Medical Billing Collections Specialist in NYC$42,000
Medical Reimbursement Specialist in NYC$40,000
Billing Collections Specialist in NYC$39,000
Medical Collections Specialist NYC$38,000
Medical Billing Specialist in NYC$38,000
Medical Insurance Claims Specialist in NYC$37,000
Medical Accounts Receivable Specialist in NYC$37,000

Medical Billing Jobs in New York, NY

Medical Biller Salary in NYC- Medical Billing Jobs in New York City, NY
The best way to earn a good Salary in Medical Billing Jobs in NYC is get yourself trained preferably with a certification, have few years of professional medical billing exposure and by doing justice to your career. New York is the city of opportunity and medical billing professional with all these traits will absolutely going to earn a good salary there.

Wish you good luck in finding your dream job as Medical Biller in New York City!

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