ICD 9 Codes for Hypertension Essential (401)

Learn all about ICD 9 Hypertension Essential (401) codes for hypertension 401.0, 401.1, 401.9 for malignant, benign and unspecified essential hypertension. Essential hypertension means that the cause of high blood pressure is not known.

Essential Hypertension or Primary Hypertension

Essential hypertension is the term used to describe high blood pressure. Essential or primary hypertension means that there is no underlying condition that is causing the blood pressure to increase. Up to 95 percent of hypertension is the essential type and, unless blood pressure readings are very high, efforts to control blood pressure are usually based on changes in lifestyle (weight loss, exercise, dietary changes, and reducing stress).

Essential Hypertension Includes: high blood pressure, hyperpiesia, hyperpiesis, hypertension (arterial) (essential) (primary) (systemic), and hypertensive vascular

Essential Hypertension Excludes: Elevated blood pressure without diagnosis of hypertension (796.2), Pulmonary hypertension (416.0-416.9) that involving vessels of brain (430-438), Eye (362.11)

ICD 9 Codes 401.0 for Hypertension Essential- Malignant

Please use below ICD 9 codes for Essential Hypertension of malignant, benign and unspecified types:
  1. ICD-9 Code 401.0 for malignant Essential hypertension
  2. ICD-9 Code 401.1 for benign Essential hypertension
  3. ICD-9 Code 401.9 for Unspecified Essential hypertension

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