Like all other fields of life, health sector is also taking advantages of technological advancements. There are many tools that help to maintain the records and then to retrieve them without hassle. Mental Health electronic medical record and billing software helps meet the complex and unique needs of today's therapists and counselors.

Digital patient charts are best example to show that how much convenience, such software have brought in terms of keeping data error free. These digital records have eliminated many of the errors seen with paper charts and they save the time of everyone concerned.

As compare to other medical specialtie, Mental health providers have unique needs in terms of software products. Most generic medical software systems don’t satisfy their requirements, and most specialty-specific solutions don’t include all the functionality needed, usually necessitating the creation of a custom healthcare IT solution for each provider or facility.
Best Mental Health Billing Software Review

Best Mental Health Billing Software Review

Here you can find a brief review of some top Mental Health Billing Software. Such solutions offer functionality that is especially tailored to the needs of mental health practices.


PracticeFusion is the most popular software. Almost everybody knows about it. Along with 17,000 customers and over 100,000 users, this free, ad-supported EMR is a market leader in the market. Like many other Mental Health Billing Software, it is also web-based solution, and is used by everyone from solo practitioners to large medical groups.

In order to have an ad-free version of the software starting at $100/month, you have to give request simply. It is basically aimed at the general population of medical professionals rather than being designed from the ground up to cater to behavioral health practices, that’s why it is free ERM.

Major pros of PracticeFusion include its efforts to add behavioral health functionality to the software. As a result, it appeals the mental health professionals, which the company says are a large part of their user-base. It has free e-prescribing and scheduling built in.

Strong psychiatric templates for things like interviews and mental status exams, anxiety and depression, and substance abuse round out the features aimed specifically at behavioral health. In addition, PracticeFusion is Meaningful Use certified.

Nothing is perfect here so a lack of the ability to customize the software beyond templates is termed as potential issue by its users. Tablet and smartphone use may also be slowed by the software’s use of Flash.

Practice Suites

Practice Suite is free web based solution and also free for one user login. In addition, it uses a model which is unique in its nature, as the free version has no ads or percent billing charges. Following are some pros and cons of Practice Suite.

The main pro of Practice Suite is its ability to understand the unique needs of the behavioral health practice. It is specially optimized for things like SOAP notes, adding mental health modifiers to bills, and the ability to choose different service levels and therapy codes depending on type of insurance.

And its downside , obviously you have recognized in its introduction, that is the free version but with only one user. It is considered fairly limited because it can’t handle Medicare, Medicaid etc. without a $95 clearinghouse enrollment, and also doesn’t allow for unlimited claims or group billing.


VistA is another popular HER. It is open source and developed by the U.S. Veteran’s Administration. Like PracticeFusion,it is a more general software solution not explicitly built for mental health offices.

 Main pros of VistA includes a strong mental health module. The hallmarks of this module are DSM-IV and ICD-9 diagnoses, psychological tests and interview results, and a mental health addiction severity indication.

In addition to this, VistA is a proven system, having been in use for decades, and comes with frequent support and updates from the government, as well as a robust support community.

Being proven and old is VistA’s strength and its weakness at the same time. Despite continuous updates, it have a somewhat dated-looking user interface. Moreover, VistA is a fully integrated suite of solutions, that’s why you may find yourself constrained within the VistA ecosystem.


Kareo is also a Web-based medical billing and practice management solution used by thousands of physicians across the US. Kareo is considered best for small practices and billing companies.

It offers patient’s scheduler, managing of delinquent accounts and the collections process and storage for patient documents etc. In addition, it is used to develop customized reports and more.

The system starts at a low monthly rate with no contract, no set-up fees without the worry of maintaining and updating the software. Kareo can be used not only for mental health but also for family medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, chiropractic, podiatry and more.


It is an EHR and Practice Management solution that delivers more than one services. It offers scheduling, documentation, ePrescribing, revenue management, and financial reporting capabilities, all in one suite.

This EHR platform provides access to patient data, automatically passes charges to billing staff, and populates lab results in patient charts. You can sign in from any location and have an immediate, secure access to patient data and records via the cloud, allowing users to stay connected anywhere.

AdvancedMD allows staff to complete check-in, transfer patient data from any system, and customize scheduling to fit practice needs.

This solution is priced on a monthly subscription basis; there is no contract, and support is included. It is supported by Windows as well as iOS for the iPad and iPhone.

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