About MedicalBillingCodings.org - Medical Billing and CodingsMedicalBillingCodings.org is the website that brings information, resources and guidelines covering almost all aspects of Medical Billing and Coding Field from basic to advance level, at on stop. This includes but not limited to the topics from Transcription Coding, ICDs, ICD-10 and CPTs to Health Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Medical Insurance Claim Submission and Claim Rejection handling.

With HIPPA, healthcare reforms enforcement, use of EHRs/EMRs, advances in patient diagnosis and treatment today Medical billing and Coding is a rapidly growing industry, healthcare academic faculty and modern job market that deserve more attention than ever.

MedicalBillingCodings.org also provides guidance on Medical Billing and Coding Education Programs offered by recognized Medical Billing and Coding Schools. It encourages and keeps informed to enroll participants in accredited Medical Billing and Coding Certifications available to enhance their knowledge and skills.

MedicalBillingCodings.org offer advice from industry expert on Medical Billing and Coding Career choice and adoption. With a supported from a team of seasoned Medical Billing and Coding Professionals, working for the Medical Billing industry for over 10 years, it brings the experience and domain knowledge to guide those who are in the practice or considering this healthcare support career. It also helps Medical Biller and Medical Coding Specialists to find their dream jobs by providing a listing of attractive Medical Billing and Coding Jobs opportunities available in various states of United States.

Please note that MedicalBillingCodings.org is not a Medical Billing Company. However, focused on improving the efficiency of healthcare and insurance companies, from time to time it reviews various Electronic Medical Billing Softwares and Medical Billing Services available in the industry, solely for the purpose of information.

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