Its unfortunate if you have been injured in a car accident. But it would be even unfortunate, if you won't get the compensation.

An successful accident medical claim requires a comprehensively documented medical claim with proper diagnosis by a certified doctor or medical facility.

A well document Medical Claim filed with correct diagnosis after a vehicle accident, helps you with the insurance reimbursement.

There are important steps that you should always take to enhance the chances of your medical claim with an insurance company going through.

How to file Medical Claim after Car Accident

It is arguably impossible to think straight after an accident, but preparing early in advance is always good. Filling a car accident medical claim is easy only if you have all the vital information.

Medical Billing Best Practices and Improvement Tips

Filling for a medical claim after an accident involves the following easy steps:
  1. Accident Documentation

    Documenting an accident involves taking photos of the exact position of the vehicles after an accident; this is the first step in the filling of a medical claim after an accident. Use your camera to take pictures of the damages caused on your vehicle as well as that of the others involved in the accident.

    Taking reports of witnesses who may have witnessed the accident is also essential to support your claim. Take your time to get a written account from each of the witness.

  2. Accident Report Preparation

    If the police are not at the scene of the accident you will need to call them as they will be responsible for recording what might have been the cause of the accident. After this is done, make sure to take a copy of the report as you will need the copy to file for a medical claim with your insurance company.

  3. Medical Report Preparation

    Ones you have documented the accident and gotten a copy of the medical report you will need to visit a hospital to get your injuries checked. Visiting a hospital will give you medical records that you will use as evidence in your medical claim with your insurance company. It will also be vital to ask your physician to give you a clear documentation properly signed of any potential injuries you may experience in the future. Injuries are at times not so apparent after an accident.

  4. Get to Insurance Company

    Don’t take too long before contacting your insurance company as they may sense some suspicion if you do so. You can take your time to contact your insurance immediately after the accident or when you are being treated. It is always good to ensure 24 hours does not elapse before you contact them.

  5. File Car Accident Injury Claim

    The next step l involves visiting your insurance company and filling a car accident injury claim. Here you will be required to fill all your personal information, this will also be the perfect time to attach copies of the medical record, accident report and witnesses account of the accident

  6. Check Insurance Coverage

    Once you have filed for your insurance medical claim you will need to check what your insurance cover entails as well as that of the other drivers involved in the accident. This is very important in cases where it involves under-insured motorists. Under-insured motorist is a term used to refer to policies which cannot be able to cover full damages incurred in an accident.

  7. Settle Medical Claim

    Once all the above is done and all the necessary documents have been verified you will be in order to settle your claim. To do this you will need to send your insurance company a signed document assuring them that you have agreed on the settlement amount they might have offered.

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