Medical billing and coding fields in the health industry presents some of the best jobs that come with some of the best salaries depending on where one gets employed and the level of experience. Preparing and maintaining medical records is an essential aspect of the medical industry thus employment usually guaranteed year long.

Medical Biller/Coder Salary in California, Texas and NY

Medical coding and medical billing slightly differ in terms of the operations and tasks involved. Medical coding mainly involves assigning relevant codes or alphanumeric to various diagnosis procedures carried out by medical practitioners. Medical billing on the other hand involves preparing the relevant claims having the codes from the medical coders and presenting them to medical insurance companies for payments to be made on the services rendered to patients by physicians.

Medical Biller/Coder Salary in USA

Many medical billers and coders mainly work in health facilities like hospitals and physician offices. Hospitals with time have been known to offer better salaries due to the sole reason that they are guaranteed a higher clientele on a daily basis.

Insurance companies also do offer employment in these fields as they certainly need professionals to interpret the codes that get sent to them for reimbursement. Transcriptionist’s on the other hand usually work for private contractors and medical laboratories to provide consultation services. The federal government is most of the time associated with higher salaries of about $43000 annually.

According to a survey carried out in 2010 the average starting salary of a certified medical billing and coding specialist in his or her first year is approximately $13.40 an hour translating to $27,872 annually. With experience the pay is usually guaranteed to increase and one can usually earn up to $14.95 an hour. Five years experience is most of the time known to command $16.63 an hour while it gets better with 10 years experience where one would be guaranteed to walk away with up to $20.73 an hour translating to $43.118 annually.

Education levels do count a lot on what one is going to be offered in this fields of medical billing and coding, on average a highly trained personnel may earn $1.02 more as compared to the other parties with no degrees. One of the easiest tricks to be guaranteed better pay is to continue with relevant education in this field and be able to attain additional certifications. An increment of salary by up to $ 4 an hour is most of the time known to come with increment in education levels and certifications.

Experience is most of the time known to play a role in the amount salary one would part way with on a monthly basis for a given period of time. Less than one year experience is known to limit ones salary to between the ranges of $24,400 and $38700 annually. $28700 to 39200 annually is usually the bracket range with up to four years experience. Work experience of up to 20 years makes one super rich with annual income of $ 50,200.

Type and size of company also come hand in hand in determining the amount of income one would part way with. Those working in companies with 1 to 9 employees will most of the time walk away with higher incomes of between $21,800 and $48500. When working in a company with 10 t0 49 employees, the income might range between $25,300 and $43,790 annually.

Medical Biller/Coder Salary in California, Texas and NY

The location where one is working also does play a role on what one might be paid. A state like California is known to be one of the best paying with an annual incoming ranging between $32000 and $51000. Texas and New-York are among the lowest paying with their annual income ranging between $24800 to $38600 USD.

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