Electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR) are both used for the safe storage of patient medical information. They may look the same but are completely different in terms of the information stored in them and the people who can have access to them.

Last month we have brought to you the reviews of best Psychology Billing Softwares for Mental Health Practices. This time, lets checkout Best Psychiatry EMR Software Systems in accordance with EMR Mandate 2014, Meaningful Use Program and latest Healthcare IT Standards in the United States.

Given the excellent EMR Benefits, one can easily conclude that using a Electronic Health Records or Electronic Medical Records System produces a very positive outcome in the long run. The performance of your workload as a health care provider will increase, as you can focus more on the the actual patient services.

Best Psychiatry EMR/EHR Software Systems

EMR’s are essentially used for the continuity of care and provide information for treating a patient from one provider to another. EMR’s make up legal record for patient treatment within a health care provider. EHR’s on the other hand are used to compile patient information overtime ones collected from various sources. One can be able to access EHRs records from anywhere unlike EMRs which tend to have restrictions on accessibility.

EHRs are also used to provide other information other than patient care such as billing research and quality management as well as public health reporting and research. EMRs records have strict access regulations depending on the kind of information recorded on them. Access of EMR can be denied if the information stored in it can cause further harm for anyone who wants to access it.

Best Psychiatry EMR/EHR Software Systems

Psychiatry Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records software’s are specifically designed for psychiatrists to record specific Psychiatric content as well as specific workflow.

What is Psychiatric?

Psychiatry is the medical specialty devoted to the study and treatment of mental disorders, including various emotional, behavioral, cognitive and perceptual. The term was coined by German physician Johann Christian Reil in 1808. It literally means "the medical treatment of the mind". A physician specializing in psychiatry, is a psychiatrist.

What is Mental Health?

Mental disorders are now thought of as disorders of the brain circuitry is likely due to develop mental processes evolved a complex interaction of genetics and experience. In other words, the genetics of mental illness can be the genetics of brain development, the different results, depending on the possible biological and environ mental factors.

Mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health problems - problems that affect mood, thoughts and behavior. Some examples of mental disorders are depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders and addictive behaviors.

Many people have mental health problems from time to time. However, a mental health problem becomes a mental illness where the signs and symptoms often cause stress and affect your ability to function. Mental illnesses can make you miserable and can cause problems in daily life, such as the workplace or in relationships. In most cases, symptoms of mental illness can be controlled with a combination of medication and counseling (psychotherapy).

The best psychiatric EHRs/EMR software should have the following features:
  • GAF Chart
  • Ability to highlight the degree of severity of psycho social factors
  • Medication Management
  • Physical Exam
  • Medical health intake
A top Psychiatric EMR/EHR software should contain the following templates:
  1. Depression
  2. Emotional Disorder
  3. Delusional Disorder
  4. Anxiety
  5. Antipsychotics Med
  6. Personality Disorder
  7. Schizophrenia
  8. Suicide
  9. Vertigo

Top Psychiatry EMR/EHR Softwares

The following are some of The best Psychiatric EMR and EHRs software that psychiatrists can use:
  1. A+ Delphi Psychotherapy Software

    A+ Delphi Psychotherapy Billing Software is affordable EMR software specifically designed for mental and behavioral health. It is perfect for small practices as it can store lots of information and provides easy access. The software is often installed on premise and is perfect for billing.

  2. Valant Psychiatric Electronic Record

    Valant Psychiatric is an EMR billing and scheduling system that is designed essentially for psychiatrists. The software can also be used for psychologists as well as therapist or other mental health related professionals. This is web based Psychiatric software that is certified and highly affordable.

  3. Epitomax EHR/PM by PsyTech Solution

    Epitomax Psychiatry EMR is a web-based EMR software by PsyTech Solution, best for both midsized and large mental health providers, it can be used by behavioral health providers. Epitomax unlike other psychiatric software’s comes with additional advanced features like prescribing patient portals and custom templates.

  4. Compiling Psych Advantage

    Compiling Psych Advantage is the only fully customizable Electronic Health Record and practice management solution designed for all mental health issues. This software includes all the essential templates as well as integrated e-Prescribing scheduling and many more.

  5. Med iTouch Electronic Health Record

    Med iTouch Psychiatry EHR is an affordable web based software solution that is suitable for all Psychiatric solutions regardless of size. It is fully customizable software that comes with high levels of ease of use as well as sleek system functionality.

  6. CAM by Celerity

    CAM is affordable Psychiatric software by Celerity that is web based and perfect for Electronic Medical Records. It comes with deep roots in practice management and mental and mental health. It is essentially useful for a psychiatrist who is providing psychiatric advice as well as substance abuse care.
The National Health Information Network sets up a set of standards and policies of which all Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical record software are always required to adhere to. It also sets up policies on transmitting electronic health information.

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