A Medical billing advocate can be helpful in issues that need legal advice, consultation and advocacy for the resolution.

Medical billing advocates are an integral part of the health industry as their job entails ensuring that all medical claims are paid on time and in the right amount. A medical billing advocate can help a patient in ensuring that he or she is not overcharged for the services rendered while also ensuring that refunds are given out when required to reduce the bills.

A medical billing advocate is what anyone who feels intimidated by the medical insurance language needs as he or she will have the utmost skills to maneuver any sideshows or derailments that the companies are known to present. Medical billing advocates are normally trained to respond to inscrutable stack of bills that patients may be dealing with from doctors’ offices and insurance companies. It is not a secret that 8 out of 10 medical bills are always known to contain errors that Medical billing advocates can detect instantly.

How Medical Billing Advocates can help in Legal Issues

Medical Billing Advocates for Frauds and Legal Issues

Fictions and frauds are most of the time known to arise from bills charged by health care institution that might have rendered some medical services. It is the responsibility of a medical billing advocate to detect this frauds and errors so that one is only required to pay the required amount for the rendered services.

Legal Consultation and Advice

Medical billing advocates play an important role in giving the much needed assistance in understanding the medical bills that at times might be quite strenuous to understand. They play the position of a translator in ensuring you are able to understand the bills in your most suited language.

Legal Issues with Insurance Company

If you have been intimidated with the constant nagging of the insurance company, then you need to seek the help of an experienced medical billing advocate as he/she will be in apposition to detect the contentious issues that you might be having with your insurance company.

There may be times when your insurance company is wrongly with-holding claims or coverage for critical treatment. Paying a medical billing advocate a visit will be the first step in airing your case out as he or she will be able to arrange a sit in with the insurance company to ensure that all your rights in terms of claims and coverage are respected.

Overcharge and Policy Violation Issues

A medical billing advocate will always scour your bills to detect any signs of overcharges and no billable services as well as duplicate charges that have violated the ethics of medical billing and coding. The advocate will also be at hand to review your insurance statements to ensure that your policy pays for what it covers.

Whether insured or not it is always advisable to hire the services of a professional medical billing advocate or medical billing legal consultant firm to ensure you are properly billed by a health provider. Clerical errors are some of the errors common with many claims that an advocate will always be at hand to detect.

Below are some of the errors that any medical billing advocate will always be at hand to detect and ensure they are corrected.
  1. Duplicate Billing: arises when you are charged twice for the same service, drugs or supplies.

  2. Typos: arises when incorrect amounts are entered into your bills or incorrect billing codes.

  3. Canceled Work: being charged for a test that your doctor might have ordered but later canceled.

  4. Upcoding: this arises due to inflation of charges especially in scenarios where a doctor prescribes a generic drug but later bills a more costly drug.

  5. Inflated Operation Room Fees: being charged more than what the anesthesiologist records.

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