Read about AHIMA vs AAPC to know what Professional Medical Coding Certification exam test is easier to pass.

American Health Information Management Association and American Academy of professional coders are aligned to provide education to students in the expansive field of medical billing and coding. They provide some of the best opportunities to those who would wish to pursue careers as physicians based medical coders as well as in other medical professionals.

AHIMA vs AAPC, What Medical Coding Certification Test is Easier

Both of them have different certifications that one always need’s to pass to be enlisted as a certified coder. The main difference lies on their credential and organizational structure requirements that make them unique in regards to medical association’s certifications.

AHIMA Medical Coding Certification Exam

Founded in 1928, its goal is to improve patient care by establishing clear standards for medical record keeping. For one to be certified in this field of medical coding, one ought to pass exams for medical coders as well as health information managers.
It offers seven certifications some of which include registered health Information administrator, registered health information technician RHIT, Certified Coding Associate CCA and Certified Coding Specialist CCS among many more. You can also checkout AHIMA Medical Coding Certification Exam Tips.

AHIMA Medical Coding Certification Benefits

Certification in this field of medical coding is always sure to make one extremely marketable with the potential of guaranteeing one better pay as well as providing good base for future career advancement. Certification also opens one to AHIMA’s network of peers.

AHIMA Medical Coding Certification Exam Tests

AHIMA examinations mainly focuses on analyzing functions for various health information jobs. Exams for medical coding specialist in this case, will always be based on the requirements of medical coding jobs. Exam questions mainly focus on those areas that one will be using on their day to day operations.

AAPC Medical Coding Certification

The American Academy of Professional Coders is one of the leading certifying bodies for medical billing and coding practices. People with certified studies from this body have been known to make up 20% more in salary compared to their counterparts who have not been certified

AAPC Medical Coding Certification

This medical association offers certification programs in Coding Auditing and Compliance. Some of its certification include certified Professional Coder Hospital, Certified Professional coder and Certified Interventional Radiology Cardiovascular coder. Candidates who wish to be certified by the body must have at least two years’ experience in the field. Its certification does not necessarily require a degree in medical coding and health information management.

AAPC Medical Coding Certification Benefits

AAPC demonstrates to potential employers that one has extensively worked in the field and thus comes with a vast nature of experience. Its certification also demonstrates one willingness and ability to go that extra mile beyond basic requirements

Medical Coding Certification Exam Test

The pay advantage that AAPC is always sure to guarantee comes at a price. The AAPC Certification exam is one of the most expensive in the field of medical billing a decoding. The exam alone may requires one to pay up to $2000 depending on the exam that one is undertaking.
AAPC process is also not that quick when compared to AHIMA as its course program usually take up to 8 months. The other drawback lies on the fact that one will be required to work in the field for two years after the course before getting full certification from the body.

AHIMA vs AAPC Medical Coding Certification Test Verdict

AHIMA in terms of exams is the simplest and easy to go through for full certification. AAPC on the other hand may be challenging and may take quite some time before one gets fully certified but always guarantees better pay. You can check out the video below for further details on AHIMA vs AAPC, What Medical Coding Certification is better:

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