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CPT codes are normally changed on annual basis as approved by centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The year has already proved to be a shakeup year for diagnostic and procedure coding for behavioral health sciences. Effective of January, there were a significant number of changes to Current procedural Terminology codes for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy services.

This is part of the reforms in the healthcare industry as well as shift in policy associated with the patient protection and Affordable Care Act.

Last year alone saw the stalwart mental health coding 90862 for pharmacological management being discontinued and replaced by new E/M codes along with other Psychiatry CPT Code Changes 2013.
Psychotherapy CPT Codes Changes for Mental Health 2014
The Psychotherapy CPT Codes Changes for Mental Health 2014 make the Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists paid more when dealing with complicated cases although they will be required to document all the procedures and operations carried out on a patient in a more detailed fashion. The CPT code 90862 did not take into consideration the complexity of a given case and only paid the same fee regardless of the nature of a case.

CPT Codes Changes for Psychotherapy and Mental Health 2014

Psychiatric diagnostic evaluation with no medical services will be detailed using CPT code 90791, all eligible providers may also use the code. Instances where Psychiatric evaluation is carried out using medical services, CPT code 90792 will be used by Physicians and nurses.

CPT code 90785 will be used for interactive complexity with 90832 being used for psychotherapy carried out for 30 minutes and 90834 being used when the same is carried out for 45 minutes.

Psychiatric CPT code 90801 has also been terminated and consequently split into two new codes with one applying for non-prescribers (90791) and 90792 applying for prescribers. The codes can also be billed on the same day so diagnostic interview can be carried out. Psychotherapy cases will only be evaluated in terms of time base with no regards to inpatient or outpatient.

Family Psychotherapy CPT Codes

Family psychotherapy carried out with a patient present will be coded using CPT code 90847. When a patient is not present, physicians will be required to use CPT code 9086 and when the process is carried out for a multi-family group, CPT code 90849 will be used.

Group Psychotherapy CPT Codes

Group Psychotherapy on its part will be registered using CPT code 90853 with 96101 being used when physicians carry out psychotherapy testing and reporting per every hour. Psychological testing through a computer will be relayed using CPT code 96103 inclusive of psychologist’s interpretation and reporting.

CPT Codes Changes for Mental Health and Behavioral Intervention

Health and behavioral intervention carried out on an individual will rely on CPT code 9615, when the same is carried out on a group, CPT code 96153 will be used with 96154 being used when a patient is with a family.

CPT Codes Changes for Neuropsychology and Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive rehabilitation will rely on CPT code 97770 with health & Behavior intervention carried out on a family without a patient present relying on CPT code 96155. Neuropsychological testing carried through computer inclusive of psychologist interpretations and reporting, will be billed using CPT code 96120. Neuropsychological testing per hour by a technician will rely on CPT code 96120 with Re-assessment relying on CPT code 96151.

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