Read review about Blood Pressure Interactive Chart which is a free online software for physicians to enter patient`s blood pressure data by age and weight.

Preventive healthcare significance is increasing day by day. Blood Pressure is an important parameter that needs to be noticed at regular intervals as it indicates an important feature of cardiovascular health. Measuring and tracking blood pressure can assist you and your doctor to avoid or control hypertension and complications related to it.

We are living in a modern era of exciting web applications that deal with the issues of health sector. Here in this article I want to talk about the program that is an online interactive chart by which you can track your health records like blood pressure, heart beat, etc.

The free online home blood pressure chart site designer Mateusz Mucha web developer from Poland having hypertension wanted to keep record of his blood pressure readings online. Thus developed a site where anyone having hypertension, Blood Pressure and heart related problems can keep record of their readings, analyze them and share it with your physician by logging online on

Free Blood Pressure Interactive Chart Online Review

Free Blood Pressure Interactive Chart Online Review

A free online home blood pressure chart site takes less than two minutes to sign up for taking help from the site to keep tracking your record. This program plots the data and export it in excel by giving you health trends. If you've got high blood pressure, this site may help you definitely. It comes with tables, charts and graphs to facilitate you in understanding how to get your blood pressure under control. It is advertisement free thus many users seem to like it.

This useful and user friendly program presents a data in tables, charts and graph form that are easy to analyze. Now feel free, create an account and keep record of your health.

Blood Pressure Interactive Chart features

Below are some of the great features of Blood Pressure Interactive Chart for users:

  • It stores heart rate and B.P
  • It automatically calculates average B.P values from multiple readings.
  • It shows statistics of how often blood pressure was normal and how often there was a rise or fall of blood pressure.
  • It presents history on an interactive graph by showing trends and drug effects etc.
  • It lets users share all the above information on a public profile.This feature can be turned off for privacy reasons.
  • It allow users to set up daily reminders
  • It has user friendly font size
  • It's a web application so no installation is required and can be accessed from Everywhere you are.

Using graphs and average blood pressure measurements make it easy to discuss the health records and come up with an effective treatment plan along with diet, exercise etc.

It's very convenient and easy to use, precise and serves its function wonderfully. So why not to take benefit, if you've got hypertension organize your life and help your doctor to understand for the treatment.

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