Medicaid Eligibility 2013 Find Medicaid Eligibility 2013.

Medicaid is a government health insurance scheme that is usually provided to individuals who qualify for it.

The eligibility requirements vary from one state to another. Medicaid is designed for low income families to cater for medical bills and is federally created.

Some Medicaid eligibility groups are mandatory and every state is usually required to abide by them.

If you qualify for Medicaid your care provider will be receiving payment from the state you are in which will be covering for your medical services whenever you visit a medical facility You will not be required to pay for the services or receive the funds either in person.

Medicaid generally covers few specific illnesses such as tuberculosis breast and cervical cancer. Medicaid covers only specific group of people regardless of income.

Medicaid Eligibility 2013

To qualify for Medicaid you will need to be either a parent or guardian to a child of 18 years or below, must be pregnant , disabled or at least 65 years and above. Teenagers living on their own also qualify for Medicaid and also children in foster care up to the ages of 21.

Being a US citizen is a must to qualify for Medicaid or a lawfully admitted immigrant. If you are not a citizen your children depending on age and state might qualify for the program. Income eligibility depends on the federal poverty line. Pregnant women and children with an income of up to 185% of the poverty line are always eligible for full Medicaid cover. Families making up to 133% of the poverty line are usually covered under the same plan.

Medicaid Eligibility Changes

The eligibility for Medicaid varies from one state to another; elderly frail individuals have different requirements as compared to pregnant women. The elderly come with two types of eligibility requirements: functional and financial. Functionally elderly individuals must require the level of services provided by nursing homes. Financially Medicaid looks into the income of both the applicants and their spouses and the total resources or countable assets. Medicaid in this case also considers past asset transfers dating far back as 60 months prior to application.

To qualify for Medicaid in 2013 your income must be $2,130 a month and your resources exclusive of home and vehicle must be less than $2000. The level of income for eligibility varies from one state to another in others it is as low as $600 or as high as $3000. The resource limit in some states can reach as high as $15000. Countable resource also changes depending on state.

Blind and disabled individuals also qualify for Medicaid in many states. Coverage in this case is available to individuals who meet the social security administration standards for disability and are still working. If a disabled individual is enrolled under Medicare part he or she may also apply for Medicaid coverage.

Medicaid Eligibility and Community Spouse

Medicaid eligibility also comes down to something known as community spouse. In this case if one spouse requires care while the other spouse is as healthy as ever and lives independently, they are considered as community spouse. A complicated division of assets is usually done in this case while the ability of the community spouse to continue living independently is usually considered in determining Medicaid eligibility.

Medicaid Eligibility 2014

As from 2014 there will be a set of new rules governing eligibility of Medicaid and children insurance program. The method which is known as Modified Adjusted gross income MAGI will apply to most Medicaid eligibility groups’ children pregnant women and the elderly. MAGI methodology will be used in determining the income of individual or household eligible for Medicaid. It will only apply to certain group of people with their own unique income counting rules.

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