Find what does Medicare Part C Covers and Cost along with Medicare Part C Plans overview.

Medicare Part C Plans, Costs, Coverage 2013
Medicare part C is also called private insurance policy that essentially replaces Medicare part A and Medicare part B.

Once you enroll into Medicare part C you will not receive services of part A or B. It is an optional plan that helps to cover medical costs of which plan A or B cannot cover.

Medicare plan C is provided by private insurers and provides enhancements such as dental vision and hearing. In this case Medicare plan C is able to combine all the benefits of part A and part B all in one package.

Medicare plan C is an advantage plan as it is able to eliminate some medical payment deductibles and co payments. If you enroll into Medicare part C you will not need to buy a Medicare policy.

Medicare Part C Costs

Total pocket expenses with Medicare part C are usually lower as compared to a combination of part A and B plus a combination of the medigap insurance policy. Medicare part C comes in two basic types: managed care and fee for service.

Medicare Part C Plans

With Medicare managed plans you will only get full coverage of your medical costs if you visit a healthcare provider who is a member of the plans network. The most common and least expensive managed plans are health maintenance organizations. With fee for service Medicare service plans, you are always allowed to see any provider as long as they accept the plans restrictions on the particular medical service and accepts the amount the plan will be paying for the service offered.

The only unique thing with Medicare part C is that patients are usually required to work with facilities that are registered under the network offering this advantage plan. Traditional plans of part A and part B do not come with this requirement. Extra benefits including the coverage of prescription drugs vision and dental also fall under this Medicare plan.

Depending on the population needs Medicare part C might luck in some states. The private insurance companies that do offer this plans might differ in the premiums they charge depending on the locality of operation. There is a monthly premium payment that is usually required addition to the plan B premium payment requirement.

Health maintenance is the most common option under plan C Medicare as it is least expensive. The second plan is the Provider Sponsored Organization PSO; it is made up of facilities that provide medical care and insurance coverage. Everything is usually taken care of by PSO therefore no involvement of third part insurance entity.

Point of service POS is another Medicare advantage option that allows you to choose your own doctors and specialist. In this case Part C is known to pay less towards this service especially in instances where the doctors are not in the network. Preferred Provider Organization PPO is similar to POS, the only difference being the fact it is only available in rural areas. Point Of Service POS is usually available only in urban areas.

The type of plan that is suitable for any individual comes down to one’s healthcare needs. If you are an owner of a medigap insurance policy then you will not need Medicare advantage plan as they are almost similar.

Medicare Part C Coverage

Some Medicare advantage plan also covers non medical services like custodial care within a nursing facility or at home. Premiums are usually higher when covering medical care involving vision, dental and prescription costs. It is always good to do good research before deciding which plan to go with in this case. Plan availability will depend on the companies available in your area and their ability to stay for as long as you need them.

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