CPT code G8553 is no longer valid in 2014. It has been removed from CPT codes after  the ending of 2013 Medicare eRx incentive program. Now G8553 is a deleted code under 2014 CPT codes list issued by AMA.

CPT changes 2014: G8553 is not Valid to Send in Claim

Do i still need to use G8553 in 2014

No! Medicare eRx incentive is over and that code is automatically expired now.

Do not use this code (G8553) further more on claim in 2014 otherwise you will receive claim rejection because it will not pass through electronic data interchange system.

Receiving Rejection for G8553 CPT Code?

In case if you have sent this code in 2014 claim or receiving rejections then you will just need to resubmit the claim to insurance without G8553. Remove this code from your software database for permanently fix.

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