Medicare Electronic Prescription incentive program which was initially started on 1st Jan, 2009 has been officially ended by end of year 2013. The 2013 was the final opportunity for Physicians and eligible healthcare professionals to participate in Medicare E-prescription incentive program and to avoid adjustment in Medicare payments. Medicare will apply adjustment in 2014 payment of the Physicians and Eligible healthcare professionals who did not started using Electronic Prescription in 2013.

Medicare eRx incentive ended: ePrescription Penalty and Meaningful Use 2014

2013 E-prescription (eRx) Incentive payments

To earn 0.5% of Medicare E-prescription 2013 eRx incentive, physicians and health care professionals were required to have had to E-prescribed through qualified eRx system and report G8553 on Medicare part-B claims. Those providers who had electronically prescribe and reported minimum 25 claim to Medicare with proper measure have received this incentive
Do not report E-prescription CPT code G8553 in 2014 because it is no longer use.

eRx/ ePrescription 2% Penalty in Payments from 2014

Those physicians or eligible healthcare professionals who were not successfully E-prescriber or had not reported E-prescription in their 2013 claims will receive 2% reduction in their Medicare Part-B payments for claim services period from January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014.

ePrescription and Meaningful Use 2 Incentive

To avoid 2015 eRx and EHR penalties Physicians and eligible healthcare provider need to participate is meaningful use program. Medicare eRx incentive is ended but Electronic prescription will continue to use as core component in Meaningful use EHR incentive.

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