Psyquel Mental Health Billing is a web based billing and collection service. It is a product by Psyquel Solutions, located in San Antonio, Texas, United Sates. Psyquel is considered a perfect billing software for the medical billing of for mental health providers.

All features that Psyquel provides  are good and useful but in pursuing any unpaid insurance claims, Psyquel does great job. Users have declared it as an ultimate solution while resolving any issues with denied insurance claims. In addition, Psyquel is also good in medical coding. Due to Psyquel, it is possible to draft statements the same day a patient checks in.

If you are using Psyquel , then you don’t need to worry about the user load as Psyquel allows for unlimited number of users. It allows unlimited number of sites also from the day, the software has been installed . The hallmark of this software is its security guarantee as it ensures secure storage of data. It also comes with backup for any stored records.

Psyquel Mental Health Billing Software Review

In addition to above discussed features, you can do many other things with Psyquel like:

Psyquel Features Review

Psyquel Scheduling

  • You can create appointment reminders and recording of clinical notes. You are connected directly to Service Center through the Scheduler.  After the visit of patient, all you have to do is mark the appointment as attended, and Service Center is automatically notified that your appointment is ready for billing.  You will receive  your claim on the same day.

  • Web based mental health software entertains your fundamental activities such as scheduling and seeing patients. And the best part is that your staff don’t have to master complex financial software because Psyquel perform all complex functions for you.

  • Everything is so simple that you can easily follow it. After seeing a patient, when you will mark the appointment as attended, then the service centre will handle the rest including tracking authorized sessions remaining, error checking, submitting claims, collecting insurance payments, resolving denied claims, posting insurance payments and reporting results.

  • If you want, you can also schedule non-clinical, group, and recurring appointments very conveniently.

  • As Psyquel mental health software is web-based, you can schedule appointments for multiple providers and sites from one central location.

Psyquel RMC (Revenue Management Center)

  • As long as you are using this software, you are always connected to Service center.

  • In other words, you are always connected to your Revenue Management Center because it continually keep you apprised of things that could affect your net income.

Psyquel Helping Lists

  • It offers another feature named as Hot List alerts. These alerts inform you about authorizations that will expire soon.

  • There is another list, in addition to hot list, which is named as Denial List. It shows you a real-time view of denied claims that are under resolve process. You can also collect information at any time, you need about the claim.

  • The Unbilled Appointments List is there to reminds you of appointments on your schedule that are not yet billed.

  • In addition to all these lists, other real-time messages are also there to help you. Like messages about appointments that have been cancelled or scheduled without an authorization.

Psyquel Reports

  • Due to your all time connectivity to its service center, you can access accurate and current reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • You need to send request the reports you need, and you will have notification, when they are waiting in your Report Inbox.

Psyquel Patient Records

  • Psyquel’s not only secure electronic patient record but integrates and displays your clinical activities also. In addition, you can even look billing as well as collecting activities at the individual patient level.

  • Due to connectivity with Service center, you can access your patient records securely at any time, from any location, with any PC. You can also share patient records with colleagues, across the hall as well as across the country, location doesn’t matter.

  • You can see and understand the patient record very easily as it looks just like a paper chart, with tabs for insurance information, managed care authorizations, appointment history, progress notes, demographic information, and diagnostic and medication information.

Psyquel Security of Data

Psyquel ensures security of your data. The enterprise-size computers are located in a bank vault facility that has:
  • round-the-clock armed security
  • dry fire-suppression systems
  • temperature and humidity regulation
  • user access firewalls

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